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As educators of young children, we understand that we must dedicate ourselves to the learning process because we will never hold all of the knowledge, skills, and strategies that we need to adequately support the lives and inquiries of the young children in our care. Teachers are master learners, they crave new information and know that their power comes from collaboration, research, resources, and innovation. While we all intend to grow in our field, the majority of our time is in the classroom doing hands-on work with our children and it leaves very little time for us to seek out high-quality resources that will support continued growth within our practice. Scouring the internet for quality materials is a time-consuming endeavor and time is something that most educators do not have much of! The goal of this blog is to create a place for quality resources in the form of articles, visual aids, videos, and collaborative discussions. Here you will be able to quickly search for the information you seek and hopefully find inspiration and encouragement along the way. Thank you for all you do!

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