COVID-19 Policies & Procedures for Discovery Place
Updated 7/21/2020

In response to the outbreak of novel virus COVID-19 in our community, Discovery Place has implemented the following policies and procedures: 

Health Screenings: 

  • Parents/guardians, students, and staff should get in contact with an administrator immediately if anyone in their household has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19. 

  • Children should not attend school if anyone in their household is showing signs of illness with the following symptoms:

    • Fever greater than 100.4 degrees (F)

    • Cough

    • Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

    • Sudden loss of smell or taste

    • Other signs of illness (headache, sore throat, general aches/pains, fatigue/weakness/extreme exhaustion​​)

  • Children and staff will be screened at the front desk for signs and symptoms of disease. This screening may include travel questions.

  • All children and staff will have their temperature taken at the front desk before fully entering the facility.

    • Staff will wash hands or use hand sanitizer before taking temperatures. 

    • Staff will wear masks or protect themselves with a plexiglass barrier or face shield.

    • A non-contact thermometer will be used.

    • Thermometer will be sanitized after use if the surface comes into contact with skin or bodily fluids.

  • Parents and staff should not mask symptoms of illness with medication. 

  • Children will be observed throughout the day for signs of illness. 



  • Signage will be used at the doorway to prevent those showing symptoms or at higher risk from entering the facility. Recent travelers from high-risk areas will also be excluded. 

  • In addition to our usual exclusion policies for children who are sick, students and staff will be required to be fever-free for at least 72 hours without the use of medication before returning to school.

  • Any student or staff member with a suspected case or exposure to a positive case will not be allowed in our facility until they have received medical clearance. 

Drop-off and Pick Up: 

  • Drop-off and pick up procedures will be changed to reduce the number of non-students and staff in the hallways. 

  • Parents will be asked to consider dropping their child off at the front desk instead of walking them into the classroom. An administrator will be available at the front desk to take the child to wash their hands and join their group. 

  • Only one parent/guardian should enter the facility at drop-off and pick-up. 

  • All staff should wear masks when interacting with families during drop-off and pick-up. 

Attendance/Visitor Logs:

  • Parents will not be required to check in using shared pens and clipboards. Instead, each classroom will take detailed attendance. 

  • All visitors to the facility will be asked to sign a visitor log and leave their phone number so that we may contact them in case of possible exposure. 


  • Parents, guardians, students, and staff will be asked not to enter the facility if they travel to any location with known widespread community transmission. 

  • These locations are updated regularly. Administrators will check the Travel-Related Quarantine Guidelines at least once a week and update signage, as necessary. 

Social Distancing: 

  • Parents and staff should avoid congregating in hallways and shared spaces. 

  • Families and staff waiting for a health screening at the front desk should maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other families. 

  • Staff should maintain 6 feet of distance from each other as much as possible in the classroom, hallways, and shared spaces. 


  • All visitors to our facility must wear a mask.

  • Parents must wear a mask at drop off and pick up. 

  • Parents may choose to send their children to school wearing masks. We will support this practice to children over the age of two to the best of our ability in the classroom.

  • Administrators and front desk staff will wear a mask at all times when outside their private offices. 

  • Teaching staff will wear masks in the hallways and shared spaces, and when interacting with families during drop-off and pick-up. In consideration of young children’s speech and language development, teaching staff will not be required to wear masks when working with students inside the classroom.

  • Staff wearing masks should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth when removing face coverings and should wash hands immediately upon removal. Masks should be washed daily.  

Hand Hygiene: 

  • Parents/guardians, students, and staff should wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon arrival.

  • All Discovery Place staff will learn and implement hand washing procedures to prevent the spread of infectious disease. Staff members shall learn why, when, and how to correctly wash their hands and the children’s hands and shall teach children to properly wash their hands.

  • The following hand washing method will be used and taught to children in our care:

    • Wet hands with warm, running water, apply liquid soap, wash hands for 20 seconds (including palms, backs, between fingers, thumbs, fingernails, and wrists).

    • Use nail brush after contact with stool or if handling food, rinse well with fingertips pointed down, dry hands with a paper towel and turn off faucet with a paper towel.

    • Children and staff shall wash hands immediately upon arrival, before and after eating, before preparing and serving food, after using the toilet, after touching items soiled with body fluids, wastes or dirt, after coughing, sneezing or blowing their noses, after touching pets, after being outside, before and after using water tables or moist items, and whenever hands look, feel or smell unclean.​​​​

  • Staff and students will wash hands if moving into another classroom or returning to their classroom from another space. 

  • A hand-hygiene station with ethanol-based hand sanitizer will be located at the entrance. Hand sanitizer will be placed out of reach of children. 

  • Children and staff will be encouraged to wash hands instead of using hand sanitizer when possible.

COVID 19 Cases in the Facility: 

  • An administrator will immediately contact Sedgwick County Child Care Licensing (316-268-8351) if notified that someone who has a confirmed positive case has been in our facility. 

  • Parents, guardians, and staff should get in contact with an administrator immediately if anyone in their household has been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19. Our local health department will help determine a course of action. 

  • Parents will be informed of any possible exposure through the method recommended by health department representatives. 

  • Depending on the level of exposure, a confirmed case could mean a two-week classroom or school-wide closure. 

  • Confidentiality of any ill child or staff member will be maintained. 


  • Decisions to close and reopen will be made in conjunction with our local health department. 

  • Discovery Place may make an independent decision to close as a preventative measure due to community impact. 

  • In the event of a closure, parents will be notified by email and/or phone. 

  • Parents should have a back-up plan for care in case we are required or choose to close. 

  • Tuition will not be due during a temporary closure. If we remain open but your child does not attend, our regular tuition and withdrawal policies will apply. 

Daily Routines:

  • To the best of our ability we plan to maintain our usual daily schedules and routines for the children. 

  • Teachers will include cough and sneeze etiquette, hand hygiene and disease prevention in their lesson plans. 

  • Children will be spaced out during snacks, meals, and group activities. Children’s cots will be spaced as far apart as classroom space allows, and children will be placed “head to toe” rather than “face to face”. 

  • Playground, art studio, movement rooms and bathrooms will be used by only one class at a time. 

  • Individual play stations will be available in each classroom.

  • Materials will be limited to what can be easily disinfected on a regular basis. 

  • Sensory items (play dough, goo, etc.) will not be used unless in individual, labeled containers for each child.

  • Group sensory and water tables will not be used. 

Additional Cleaning Measures: 

  • In addition to our usual cleaning and disinfection procedures, intensified cleaning and disinfection will be performed based on recommendations of the KDHE.

  • Environmental cleaning of the facility, including high contact areas (door handles, light switches, handrails etc.) will be performed on a regular schedule (more than once a day as possible).

  • All hard surfaces will be disinfected using a product listed on the EPA website as “List N: Products with Emerging Viral Pathogens AND Human Coronavirus claims for use against SARS-coV-2”. 

  • Staff will carefully follow manufacturers instructions for all cleaning and disinfection products. 

  • All materials that have been exposed to bodily fluids will be set aside until they can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

Grouping Children:

  • Children should remain with their classroom group. Groups will not be combined unless required to maintain ratios.

  • Playground, art studio, movement rooms and bathrooms will be used by only one class at a time. 


  • To every extent possible, staff should be placed solely with one group of children. 

  • If staff must move to another classroom to cover breaks or schedules, they must wash their hands when entering and leaving each classroom.

Due to the variance in risk level and transmission of disease at the community level, Discovery Place administrators will use the guidance of the CDC, KDHE and local health department to make all policy and procedural decisions. The health of our students, staff and their families will be the primary focus in any change to policy.

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